MacDrive Pro: Apple RAID support

posted this on September 6, 2011, 15:01

MacDrive 9 Pro offers support for Apple RAID sets.  Specifically, our requirements are:

  • MacDrive 9 Pro supports RAID volumes made with GPT partitions created using Mac OS X 10.4 and above, and supports striped, mirrored and concatenated disk sets.
  • MacDrive 9 Pro requires that the complete set be connected regardless of the type of RAID (e.g. mirrored).  If not all disks are connected, MacDrive 9 Pro will wait until the complete set is connected in order to mount the set.
  • MacDrive 9 Pro does not offer support for warm-spares for mirrored sets.
  • MacDrive 9 Pro cannot mount a RAID of greater than 2TB in Windows XP 32-bit, due to the inherent limitations of this OS.  
Frequently Asked Questions


I have MacDrive 9 Standard or MacDrive 8 (or prior).  Can I access Apple RAID?

Apple RAID is a feature in MacDrive 9 Pro.  If you have MacDrive 8 (or any prior version), or you have MacDrive 9 Standard, you can purchase an upgrade to MacDrive 9 Pro via the online store.

 What if I have a set that was created using a version older than OS 10.4?

MacDrive supports version 2 (the current version) of Apple RAID technology, which has been included from OS 10.4 on.  RAID sets that are older than this use version 1 of Apple RAID, and are no longer supported in current versions of the Mac OS.  For that reason, we do not anticipate offering support for such drive sets.  If the RAID is re-created using a more recent version of the Mac OS, you can use it with MacDrive 9 Pro.
I have a Mac-formatted RAID that was not created with Disk Utility.  Is it supported?
MacDrive 9 Pro does not support RAIDs created with third-party Mac software.  Please read this Knowledge Base article for more information on other types of RAIDs.
I have a RAID that is over 2TB and it won't mount in Windows XP.  Why?
We only offer support for XP 32-bit, which does not support disks larger than 2TB.  This limitation extends to sets greater than 2TB you are trying to mount with MacDrive.  You can, however, mount larger sets in newer operating systems (e.g. Windows Vista, Windows 7).
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