How to upgrade Mediafour software

Please visit our online store. You will be prompted for your serial number. Upgrades are available via download only. 

If you originally purchased your software from Mediafour, you can locate your serial number by logging in to your customer account to view your previous order details. 

If you did not purchase directly from Mediafour, please check the CD-ROM case. The serial number is on the backside of the case on a yellow sticker.

How many licenses am I eligible to upgrade?

You can only purchase an upgrade for the number of licenses that your serial number has; in other words, you cannot order two upgrades or a two-pack serial number if you originally purchased one license.

I have changed operating systems or removed the Mediafour software from my system. Will I be able to use the upgrade?

Yes. Your upgrade is validated during purchase by entering your serial number. You do not need a prior version installed to use the upgrade, and you don't need to use this on the original computer where you installed MacDrive. You do not need access to your original installer or disc after purchasing the upgrade.

My serial number is not working to activate my software after upgrading. Why?

Please make sure that you are using your new serial number, not the serial number from the previous version. Once you upgrade to the latest version of MacDrive or XPlay, you will receive a new serial number in your order confirmation email. You will need to activate using this new number, rather than the serial number from your older version of MacDrive or XPlay.  

I purchased a very old version, for example MacDrive 5 or XPlay (original).  Can I still upgrade?

Yes, any version of MacDrive or XPlay is eligible to upgrade to the latest version.  All you need is the serial number for your original purchase.

I upgraded to a previous version and want to upgrade again to the current, but the online store says that my serial number has already been upgraded.  Why?

Please make sure that you are using the most recent serial number that was issued to you.  For example, if you purchased MacDrive 8, and subsequently activated to MacDrive 9, your original MacDrive 8 serial number was marked as upgraded.   

Can I use my old serial number concurrently with my upgraded serial number?

No, upgrading does not add an additional seat, it simply enables you to use a newer version instead of the older version.  When you're issued a new serial number as a part of the upgrade process, the old one is invalidated for further use.

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