Unable to repair problems detected on disk

In using a disk, it is possible for a disk to develop problems that cause it to need repair. Common events that can cause disk issues are physically disconnecting the disk without safely removing it from the OS, connectivity problems, or the OS crashing or freezing while using the disk. In such cases, MacDrive has a repair utility that can be used.  MacDrive uses the same technology as the Mac OS' Disk Utility to check for and repair problems with a disk, such as file system corruption. 

Depending on the type and severity of the issue, some problems may unable to be repaired. For example, physical damage to the disk can cause unrepairable problems. In MacDrive, an unrepairable problem with the disk is indicated by the repair window's progress bar turning red.

If you have a disk that cannot be repaired with MacDrive, we recommend formatting the disk and restoring from backup. If no backup is available, you may wish to consider third party data recovery software for the Mac OS such as Disk Warrior which may be able to recover some or all of the data on the disk. We are not currently aware of any Windows applications which offer data recovery for Mac disks.

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