"MacDrive has protected a Mac disk"




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    Lights Out Outdoors

    No it will not allow me to format the drive even in Disk Management

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    Nancy Griffin

    Same....it will not allow me to format the drive in the Disk Management utility. How can we erase the Mac disk so we can make Windows partitions please?

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    Nicole Mahoney

    Can't do it here, either.

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    Can you format the drive if you first erase the Mac volume with Windows Disk Manager?

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    I found a way to solve this issue :

    1) Uninstall MacDrive & Reboot

    2) Use Windows Disk Manager to format your partition ( http://pcsupport.about.com/od/windowsxp/ht/disk-management-xp.htm)

    3) Re install MacDrive & Reboot


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    I have a similar issue, but a slightly better solution.

    1. disable MacDrive from options & reboot

    2. Use Windows Disk Manager to format your partition (http://pcsupport.about.com/od/windowsxp/ht/disk-management-xp.htm)

    3. Re enable MacDrive & Reboot



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    this continues to pop up on my screen and has for months now. i do not consider it a feature. i consider it a nag prompt. is there any way to disable this? i find it VERY ANNOYING to have to dismiss this thing sometimes ten times a day.

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    Bull Media Group

    When I get this error I cannot read the disk.  I do not want to modify the disk, modify or erase (the three options) I only want to read the disk.  It is formatted as a mac disk used to record video files from a black magic cinema camera.  it has footage on the disk and I cannot format the disk for this reason.  any suggestions?  Thanks. 

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    I would recommend that you add some additional warnings to your "Protected a Mac Disk" dialog box. Yesterday, MacDrive deleted both partition on my drive after I only asked to delete one. To be more specific. I had two partitions on a 2tb drive, 1tb exfat, 1tb HFS+. My plan was to delete the HFS partition and extend the exfat to fill the entire drive. I therefore opened disk management and selected the HFS partition to delete.  This brought up the MacDrive dialog box. I chose "Erase the Mac disk so I can make Windows partitions" but this deleted both partitions on the drive not just the HFS partition. I therefore think you need to add a clear warning that if you choose this option all partitions will be erased. It is definitely not clear witht he current language.

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